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Social Media Policy

The purpose of Center Point Public Library (CPPL) social media sites is to market library information and events. We welcome and appreciate patron comments. Please understand that Center Point Public Library monitors its social media forums. Center Point Public Library responds to social media comments during library hours. Issues of concern will be addressed promptly and/or forwarded to the Library Director. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate social media posts:

  1. Obscene/vulgar language and photos.
  2. Personal attacks of individuals to include library employees, board members, patrons, etc.
  3. Comments or content that discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual disability.
  4. Suspicious links that appear to be spam or web viruses.
  5. Comments that do not pertain to CPPL postings.
  6. Comments that promote illegal activities.
  7. Promotion of products, services, or political organizations.
  8. Infringement of copyright and trademark laws.
  9. Personal information that violates individual privacy rights.
  10. Comments that jeopardize safety and security of any kind.

The Center Point Public Library

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