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The Center Point Public Library

The Center Point Public Library is a member of the Jefferson County Library Cooperative (JCLC) which links 40 public libraries to provide countywide services to the residents in Jefferson County. The library provides a variety of resources and programs for every age group.

Library Mission

It is the mission of the Center Point Public Library to encourage lifelong learning among people of all ages; to provide community residents free access to reliable information; and to make available a place for informational, cultural, and recreational enrichment by providing access to collections and services that meet a diverse array of needs and interests.

Library Goals

In fulfilling its mission, the Library is committed to meeting the following goals:

  • using assessment and planning processes to determine community needs and interests.
  • assembling, making available, and preserving organized collections of materials that meet those needs and interests.
  • developing and promoting services, programs and other activities that meet those needs and interests.
  • providing knowledgeable staff who are trained to assist library users in accessing and utilizing these collections and services.

Library Staff

Library Director – Joi W. Mahand

Circulation Manager/Assistant Director – Tamar Barham

Adult Services Manager – Cara Wilhelm

Children’s Services Manager – Emily Martin

The Center Point Public Library

533 Sunhill Road Center Point, AL 35215


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